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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today 15 September 2021

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in India. Its biggest competitor in India is Amazon. When Amazon brought FunZone to host quizzes and engage users on its platform. Flipkart was not going to be far behind. The company who is now owned by Walmart brought different sections in its App. You can see the Video section and Games section.


In the Video section, Flipkart has started a lot of different quizzes. If I have to name some of them that will be Aage Kya, Bid & Win, Fake Or Not, FYI, etc. In the games section, you will find a quiz that is similar to what we have seen on Amazon Daily Quiz Time. This quiz is called Daily Trivia. In this quiz, five questions are asked related to current affairs. But currently, as you know IPL is going on questions asked in the Daily Trivia Quiz are related to Cricket only.

If you want to test your cricket knowledge and win Gems you can start playing this quiz. We at QuizYorker provide corrects answers to all the questions asked in the Daily Trivia quiz. We update the answers before anyone else on the Internet. So make sure to bookmark this page and visit it at around 12 A.M.

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today 15 September 2021

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz 15 September 2021 Details

  • Quiz Prize: Gems
  • Available On: Flipkart Games Section
  • Based On: Question & Answers
  • Date & Time: 15 September 2021, 12:00 A.M. to 11:59 P.M.
  • Winner Announcement: Next Day
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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today 15 September 2021













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Flipkart Daily Trivia 14 September 2021 Answers

Ans: Odisha


Ans: Lahore

Ans: Anil Kumble

Ans: Graeme Smith


Ans: Irfan Pathan

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Ans: Bing

Ans: Deepika Padukon


Ans: Hudson River

Ans: Gentleman

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Ans: South Korea

Ans: Vinova Bhave

Ans: 4.5 Kilograms

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Ans: ODI

Ans: Kuldip Yadav

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Ans: Ajay Jadeja

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Ans: Maneka Gandhi

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Ans: Polonium

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Ans: Indore

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Ans: TVF Tripling

Ans: Homeland

Ans: Mughal-e-Azam

Ans: Sameer Diwan

Ans: Vivien Leigh

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Ans: Islam

Ans: Bell Labs

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Ans: China

Ans: Harmanpreet Kaur

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Ans: Fawad Khan

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Ans: John Milton

Ans: Barfi

Ans: Joker

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Ans: Abhishek Bacchan

Ans: Sigmund Freud

Ans: Backup singers

Ans: 22

Ans: Indonesia

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Ans: Boxing

Ans: Hammer

Ans: Indianopolis

Ans: Switzerland

Ans: Manchester City

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Ans: Geet

Ans: Jai Shri Ram, Mama

Ans: Shrek

Ans: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ans: Missing Link

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Ans: Bowling

Ans: Canada

Ans: SW19

Ans: Hurdle

Ans: Yellow

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Ans: Dilip Kumar

Ans: The Unsung Warrior

Ans: Roshan Abbas

Ans: Citizen Kane

Ans: Italy

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Ans: Adil Hussain

Ans: Genie/Genius

Ans: Chikni Chameli

Ans: Sunny Leone

Ans: Kapil Dev

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Ans: Three

Ans: Egypt

Ans: Curling

Ans: Yokozuna

Ans: Lateral raise

Flipkart Daily Trivia 26 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Dostana

Ans: Nitesh Tiwari

Ans: Taylor Swift

Ans: Andhadhun

Ans: Sound of Music

Flipkart Daily Trivia 25 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Ajinkya Rahane

Ans: Lakshmana

Ans: Textile

Ans: Meghalayan

Ans: Imran Khan

Flipkart Daily Trivia 24 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Advantage

Ans: Auto Racing

Ans: Australia

Ans: Brett Lee

Ans: Level

Flipkart Daily Trivia 23 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Dabangg 3

Ans: Makdee

Ans: Badshah

Ans: Spelling Bee

Ans: Shakaal Mogambo

Flipkart Daily Trivia 22 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Sari

Ans: Sloth Bear

Ans: Arundhati Roy

Ans: Lijjat Papad

Ans: Australia

Flipkart Daily Trivia 21 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Japan

Ans: Derby County

Ans: Cricket

Ans: Dinesh Karthik

Ans: Three

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Ans: Love Aj Kal

Ans: Amir

Ans: Home Alone

Ans: Sonu Nigam

Ans: Visaranai

Flipkart Daily Trivia 19 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Newspaper

Ans: Old Spice

Ans: Rani Rampal

Ans: Udasi

Ans: Golda Meir

Flipkart Daily Trivia 18 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Baseball

Ans: David Beckham

Ans: Sumo wrestling

Ans: England-New Zealand

Ans: Sydney

Flipkart Daily Trivia 17 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Kapoor

Ans: Jatin-Lalit

Ans: Sharmila Tagore

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

Ans: Panda

Flipkart Daily Trivia 16 August 2021 Answers

Ans: National Parxade

Ans: Kiwifruit

Ans: Akrura

Ans: Saifuddin Kitchlew

Ans: Mahindra

Flipkart Daily Trivia 15 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Padma Awards

Ans: President

Ans: Punjab

Ans: Five

Ans: Calcutta

Flipkart Daily Trivia 14 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Saif Ali Khan

Ans: Bahubali

Ans: Waterphone

Ans: Sitar

Ans: is his mother

Flipkart Daily Trivia 13 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Why I Am a Hindu

Ans: Honeybees

Ans: Jagjit Singh

Ans: Pele

Ans: Pluto

Flipkart Daily Trivia 12 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Irfan Pathan

Ans: Tackle

Ans: Bullfighting

Ans: Shubman Gill

Ans: 40

Flipkart Daily Trivia 11 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Rang De Basanti

Ans: Horse and Donkey

Ans: Raees

Ans: The Dark Knight

Ans: Magneto

Flipkart Daily Trivia 10 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Roman Catholicism

Ans: Tamil Nadu

Ans: Birth

Ans: Sitaram Kesri

Ans: Italy

Flipkart Daily Trivia 9 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Pakistan

Ans: Melbourne

Ans: Tiger Woods

Ans: Golf

Ans: U. S. Open

Flipkart Daily Trivia 8 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Sunny Deol

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Ans: Kota Factory

Ans: Amitabh Bachchan

Ans: Dunder Mifflin

Flipkart Daily Trivia 7 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Punjab

Ans: Libya

Ans: Bad Guy

Ans: iPod

Ans: Brazil

Flipkart Daily Trivia 6 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Pawn

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Ans: Goa

Ans: Liverpool FC

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Flipkart Daily Trivia 5 August 2021 Answers

Ans: 1984

Ans: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Ans: Jharkhand

Ans: Gujarati

Ans: The Irishman

Flipkart Daily Trivia 4 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Answer Hour

Ans: Karnataka

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Ans: Victoria Terminus

Ans: Martin Scorsese

Flipkart Daily Trivia 3 August 2021 Answers

Ans: KKR

Ans: KL Rahul

Ans: Raheem Sterling

Ans: Piyush Chawla

Ans: Jaydev Unadkat

Flipkart Daily Trivia 2 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Kabbadi Player

Ans: Kota

Ans: Costume Design

Ans: Mahdavgarh

Ans: It

Flipkart Daily Trivia 1 August 2021 Answers

Ans: C. Rajgopalachari

Ans: Poonam Yadav

Ans: Kerala

Ans: Iran

Ans: Taiwan

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Ans: Rafael Nadal

Ans: KKR

Ans: Rajasthan

Ans: Liverpool FC

Ans: Sri Lanka

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Ans: Prabhu Deva

Ans: Indian Ocean

Ans: Sanjay L. Bhansali

Ans: Monsoon Wedding

Ans: Maine Pyaar Kiya

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Ans: Iran

Ans: Tesla

Ans: Esmail Ghaani

Ans: Chittorgarh

Ans: USA

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Ans: Ricky Ponting

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Ans: West Indies

Ans: Shikhar Dhawan

Ans: David Warner

Flipkart Daily Trivia 27 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Deepika Padukone

Ans: Christopher Nolan

Ans: Dimple Kapadia

Ans: Autism

Ans: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Flipkart Daily Trivia 26 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Maurya

Ans: Albert Einstein

Ans: Pomegranate

Ans: Shimla

Ans: Eyelids

Flipkart Daily Trivia 25 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Bengal

Ans: KKR

Ans: Leander Paes

Ans: Ravichandran Ashwin

Ans: James Anderson

Flipkart Daily Trivia 24 July 2021 Answers

Ans: AAP

Ans: Sunil Dutt

Ans: Hariprasad Chaurasia

Ans: Sharvari Wagh

Ans: Peranbu

Flipkart Daily Trivia 23 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Ashoka

Ans: Karnataka

Ans: Laika

Ans: Manmohan Singh

Ans: Ludhiana

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Ans: Nelson

Ans: Pat Cummins

Ans: Nikhat Zareen

Ans: Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Ans: Railways

Flipkart Daily Trivia 21 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Iron Man 2

Ans: History Professor

Ans: Kate Winslet

Ans: Zitar

Ans: Bundeli

Flipkart Daily Trivia 20 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Haryana

Ans: Roger Federer

Ans: Athens 2004

Ans: Oman

Ans: Netherlands

Flipkart Daily Trivia 19 July 2021 Answers

Ans: USA

Ans: Australia

Ans: Greece

Ans: Ranks

Ans: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Flipkart Daily Trivia 18 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Chess

Ans: Pierce Brosnan

Ans: Vishal Bhardwaj

Ans: Small Wonder

Ans: Jaspal Bhatti

Flipkart Daily Trivia 17 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Shivaji Maharaj

Ans: Shashi Tharoor

Ans: Rang De Basanti

Ans: Mohiniyattam

Ans: Iceland

Flipkart Daily Trivia 16 July 2021 Answers

Ans: 1944

Ans: England

Ans: Polo

Ans: Aaron Finch

Ans: Afghanistan

Flipkart Daily Trivia 15 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Ferrari

Ans: Twinkle Khanna

Ans: Mohabbat

Ans: Kota Factory

Ans: Ashutosh Gowariker

Flipkart Daily Trivia 14 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Nepal

Ans: Tirupati

Ans: M. S. Dhoni

Ans: Sulphuric acid

Ans: Andrew Johnson

Flipkart Daily Trivia 13 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Pawn

Ans: Snickometer

Ans: Smriti Mandhana

Ans: Basketball

Ans: Polo

Flipkart Daily Trivia 12 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Romancing

Ans: No Smoking

Ans: Farhan Akhtar

Ans: Akshay Kumar

Ans: Rishi Kapoor

Flipkart Daily Trivia 11 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Dream

Ans: Canon

Ans: Mumbai Indians

Ans: Telugu

Ans: Sulphur Dioxide

Flipkart Daily Trivia 10 July 2021 Answers

Ans: King

Ans: Zeus

Ans: Melbourne

Ans: KKR

Ans: Pravin Tambe

Flipkart Daily Trivia 9 July 2021 Answers

Ans: George Clooney

Ans: Sneha

Ans: Ayesha Takia

Ans: M

Ans: Ten

Flipkart Daily Trivia 8 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Bengaluru

Ans: Donut

Ans: Marathon

Ans: Easter Sunday

Ans: Rolls-Royce

Flipkart Daily Trivia 7 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Dhaka

Ans: Japan

Ans: Twelve

Ans: Ellyse Perry

Ans: Ajit Agarkar

Flipkart Daily Trivia 6 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Omkara

Ans: Doraemon

Ans: Devikarani

Ans: Romeo and Juliet

Ans: Karnataka

Flipkart Daily Trivia 5 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Peer

Ans: Pakistan

Ans: Porsche

Ans: Seagate

Ans: Sharda Prasad Pandey

Flipkart Daily Trivia 4 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Shimron Hetmyer

Ans: Ten

Ans: Australia

Ans: Marnus Labuschagne

Ans: Bundesliga

Flipkart Daily Trivia 3 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Ram Sampath

Ans: The Beatles

Ans: Psycho

Ans: Ramesh Sippy

Ans: Steve Austin

Flipkart Daily Trivia 2 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Nick Jonas

Ans: Finland

Ans: Santa Claus

Ans: Climate emergency

Ans: South Africa

Flipkart Daily Trivia 1 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Mark Boucher

Ans: Liverpool FC

Ans: Kolkata

Ans: Files

Ans: Abid Ali

Flipkart Daily Trivia 30 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Paan Singh Tomar

Ans: Archana Puran Singh

Ans: Ramayana

Ans: Varun Dhawan

Ans: Bruce Bennet

Flipkart Daily Trivia 29 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Vespa

Ans: Electricity Bill

Ans: Malaysia

Ans: Bell Labs

Ans: ICJ

Flipkart Daily Trivia 28 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Eight

Ans: West Indies

Ans: Manish Pandey

Ans: Gautam Gambhir

Ans: Pakistan

Flipkart Daily Trivia 27 June 2021 Answers

Ans: India’s Got Talent

Ans: Anil Kapoor

Ans: Ajit Banerjee

Ans: Silicon Valley

Ans: Kriti Sanon

Flipkart Daily Trivia 26 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Microsoft Edge

Ans: Chanakya

Ans: Sunil Gavaskar

Ans: Medina

Ans: Santa Claus

Flipkart Daily Trivia 25 June 2021 Answers

Ans: West Indies

Ans: The Gabba

Ans: Virender Sehwag

Ans: Murali Vijay

Ans: Priyam Garg

Flipkart Daily Trivia 24 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Saif Ali Khan

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Ans: The Beatles

Ans: Rachel

Ans: Akshay Kumar

Flipkart Daily Trivia 23 June 2021 Answers

Ans: R. Madhavan

Ans: Arun Jaitley

Ans: Firefighter

Ans: Andal

Ans: Procter & Gamble

Flipkart Daily Trivia 22 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Queen

Ans: Chevrons

Ans: West Indies

Ans: Bayern Munich

Ans: Denmark

Flipkart Daily Trivia 21 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Sooraj Barjatyad

Ans: Rangeela

Ans: Sesame Street

Ans: Rishi Kapoor

Ans: Yash Chopra

Flipkart Daily Trivia 20 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Minus

Ans: Liam Hemsworth

Ans: Swachh Bharat

Ans: Herbert Spencer

Ans: Facebook

Flipkart Daily Trivia 19 June 2021 Answers

Ans: 64

Ans: Subroto Cup

Ans: West Indies

Ans: Durand Cup

Ans: 1992

Flipkart Daily Trivia 18 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Amitabh Bachchan

Ans: John Abraham

Ans: Mithun Chakraborty

Ans: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam

Ans: Sanjay L. Bhansali

Flipkart Daily Trivia 17 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Rock Python

Ans: Judaism

Ans: Karnataka

Ans: Jules Verne

Ans: Router

Flipkart Daily Trivia 16 June 2021 Answers

Ans: India

Ans: FC Goa

Ans: Lionel Messi

Ans: Wasim Jaffer

Ans: Aleem Dar

Flipkart Daily Trivia 15 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Lagaan

Ans: Charles Sobhraj

Ans: Independence Day

Ans: Tina Munim

Ans: Life In A… Metro

Flipkart Daily Trivia 14 June 2021 Answers

Ans: BBC

Ans: USA

Ans: Chitragupta

Ans: Humayun’s Tomb

Ans: Saudi Arabia

Flipkart Daily Trivia 13 June 2021 Answers

Ans: The USA

Ans: Spain

Ans: Chris Gayle

Ans: Ravi Shastri

Ans: Russia

Flipkart Daily Trivia 12 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Prince Narula

Ans: Mikesh Chaudhary

Ans: Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke

Ans: Gyan Vani

Ans: Breaking Bad

Flipkart Daily Trivia 11 June 2021 Answers

Ans: 2017

Ans: Chutney

Ans: William Shakespeare

Ans: Gall bladder

Ans: Hiccup

Flipkart Daily Trivia 10 June 2021 Answers

Ans: K. L. Rahul

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Ans: Asghar Afghan

Ans: Suniel Shetty

Ans: Anthony Joshua

Flipkart Daily Trivia 9 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Fanaa

Ans: Baazigar

Ans: Bichhoo

Ans: Friday

Ans: Ajit Johnny Walker

Flipkart Daily Trivia 8 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Ashoka

Ans: Punjabi

Ans: Samsung

Ans: Chhittorgarh

Ans: Udaipur

Flipkart Daily Trivia 7 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Sebastian Vettel

Ans: Jumbo

Ans: Canada

Ans: Boxing

Ans: Jhulan Goswami

Flipkart Daily Trivia 6 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Bodyguard

Ans: Akshay Kumar

Ans: Lion

Ans: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Ans: Hum Log

Flipkart Daily Trivia 5 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Moon

Ans: Goldfish

Ans: Tesla

Ans: Tata

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

Flipkart Daily Trivia 4 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Basket Ball

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Madhavrao Shindeya

Ans: Eliud Kipchoge

Ans: England

Flipkart Daily Trivia 3 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Jazz

Ans: Vinay Pathak

Ans: Ramsay

Ans: Bolton

Ans: Sulemani Keeda

Flipkart Daily Trivia 2 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Hummingbird

Ans: Portuguese

Ans: Shaniwarwada

Ans: Vyasa

Ans: Economics

Flipkart Daily Trivia 1 June 2021 Answers

Ans: French Open

Ans: Golf

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Arsenal

Ans: Jim Laker

How To Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

To Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz, It is mandatory to have the Flipkart app on your Android or iOS smartphone. In case you don’t have the app already. You can easily download the app via Google Play Store or App Store. After the Flipkart app is being downloaded all you need is to get logged in to the app.

You will need an account if you don’t have one simply create one. Once you are logged in head over to the Games section and look for the Daily Trivia Quiz banner. Click on the banner and start playing the quiz. A total of five questions will be asked and you have to answer them. If your answers are correct which obviously will be if you are playing the quiz by checking answers here you can win Gems.

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