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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 18 January 2022

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today (18 January 2022) – Today’s Daily Amazon Quiz is live on the Amazon App and so are we available with the Amazon Quiz Today Answers. Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for today have been updated in this article and you can use those answers to correctly answer your Amazon Daily Quiz for 18 January 2022


As soon as you answer the Amazon DailyQuiz Questions correctly, you get entered into the lucky draw to win the prize of that particular quiz. For example, in today’s Daily Amazon Quiz, you can get a chance to Win Rs. _____ by giving correct answers to today’s Amazon Quiz.

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Daily Quiz: Details & Timing

Amazon Daily Quiz Today PriceRs. 5000
Today’s Amazon Quiz Date18 January 2022
Amazon Daily Quiz Timing12:00 A.M. to 11:59 P.M.
Winner AnnouncementNext Day
Amazon Daily Quiz Available onAmazon App (FunZone Section)
Amazon Quiz Answers Today

The Amazon Quiz is hosted by Amazon on a daily basis and the quiz stays live for 24 hours. It gets live every day at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM i.e at the end of the day. And as the clock ticks the 12:00 AM mark a new quiz replaces the previous one. Amazon sets a variety of quiz-winning prizes and these prices keep changing every day as the new quiz gets live on the Amazon App.

The winners of the Daily Quiz are announced by Amazon on the next day in the Lucky Draw Winners section of the Funzone department. The Amazon Daily Quiz and all the other Amazon Quizzes are only available on the Amazon app. You cannot play the Amazon Quizzes on the Amazon.com website or anywhere else.

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 18 January 2022

Q1: After being hacked, which prime minister’s twitter account said that Bitcoin will be used as legal tender?

Ans: (A) Narendra Modi

Q2: Which football club failed to reach the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 17 years?

Ans: (A) Barcelona

Q3: Maezawa and Hirano recently became the first self-paying tourists to visit which place since 2009?

Ans: (D) International Space Station


Q4: In this sport, which Grand Slam is going to be played from 17th January, 2022?

Ans: (A) Australian Open

Q5: In the Harry Potter series, the lead character had this animal as its pet. What was it named as?

Ans: (B) Hedwig

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 18 January 2022

Ans: Narendra Modi

Ans: Barcelona

Ans: International Space Station


Ans: Australian Open

Ans: Hedwig

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 17 January 2022

Ans: El Salvador


Ans: Driverless robotaxi

Ans: Nilamani Phookan

Ans: Golden Retriever

Ans: Pradyumna

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Ans: Komaram Bheem

Ans: Switzerland

Ans: Ericsson

Ans: Vermont

Ans: Grid Cake

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Ans: Russia

Ans: KFC packaging

Ans: Alexia Putellas

Ans: Canada

Ans: Ramen

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 January 2022

Ans: Arm wrestling

Ans: Hummer

Ans: Belgium

Ans: Coconut

Ans: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Ans: Millet

Ans: India

Ans: Tel Aviv

Ans: Australia

Ans: Au

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Ans: UAE

Ans: AB de Villiers

Ans: Air Asia India

Ans: Kangaroo Rat

Ans: Yu-Gi-Oh

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Ans: Dubai

Ans: Bengal

Ans: Sudan

Ans: Phosphenes

Ans: Cinnabar

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Ans: The Weeknd

Ans: Walmart

Ans: Mumbai

Ans: 3rd

Ans: Budapest

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Ans: Barack Obama

Ans: Turkey

Ans: Idgah

Ans: 3.14

Ans: Captain Jack Sparrow

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Ans: Iceland

Ans: R K Laxman

Ans: Collabs

Ans: Jews

Ans: Brussels

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Ans: Muammar-al-Gaddafi

Ans: Thar Express

Ans: Mike Winkelmann

Ans: Kashyyyk

Ans: Denmark

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Ans: Dior

Ans: New York

Ans: France

Ans: Egg White

Ans: Doc

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Ans: Original code for the World Wide Web

Ans: K.L. Rahul

Ans: Chloe Zhao

Ans: Beagle

Ans: Abraham Lincoln

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Ans: Bahrain

Ans: GMC Hummer

Ans: Polishing cloth

Ans: Johnny Depp

Ans: Kimono

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Ans: Curtis Campher

Ans: Bruce Springsteen

Ans: Corbevax

Ans: The Beatles

Ans: Jamie Bell

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Ans: William Shatner

Ans: Norway

Ans: Brussels

Ans: Dodo

Ans: Bega Begum

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Ans: Goran Ivanisevic

Ans: Harry Styles

Ans: Lucknow

Ans: Order and progress

Ans: Speedee

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 31 December 2021

Ans: Robert Pattinson

Ans: Netherlands

Ans: Dubai

Ans: 15-0

Ans: Aphrodite

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 30 December 2021

Ans: Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Ans: KS Ranjitsinhji

Ans: Saudi Arabia


Ans: New York

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Ans: Copenhagen

Ans: Alexei Navalny

Ans: Garbine Muguruza

Ans: The Blue City

Ans: Vincent Van Gogh

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Ans: Ons Jabeur

Ans: Ethereum

Ans: Artemis 1

Ans: India

Ans: Real

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Ans: Sabeer Bhatia

Ans: Prince William

Ans: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Ans: Fantastic Four

Ans: Alexander Zverev

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Ans: India

Ans: Pele

Ans: Koozhangal

Ans: Louvre Museum

Ans: A Greek Goddess

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Ans: Barbados

Ans: Lifebuoy

Ans: Adele

Ans: Timothee Chalamet

Ans: Lillyhammer

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 24 December 2021

Ans: Sajjan Jindal

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

Ans: South Korea

Ans: The picture of Dorian Gray

Ans: Mycroft

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 23 December 2021

Ans: Christopher Columbus

Ans: Javagal Srinath

Ans: Donald Trump

Ans: Shaken, not stirred

Ans: Literature

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 22 December 2021

Ans: Maharashtra

Ans: Japan

Ans: Priyank Panchal

Ans: Copenhagen

Ans: Little worms

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 21 December 2021

Ans: One Health

Ans: Shakib Al Hasan

Ans: Valtteri Bottas

Ans: Ahmedabad

Ans: Norse

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 20 December 2021

Ans: Telangana

Ans: Indian Coast Guard

Ans: Israel

Ans: 4

Ans: Richard Nixon

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 19 December 2021

Ans: The Challenge

Ans: Germany

Ans: Assam

Ans: Wimbledon

Ans: London

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 18 December 2021

Ans: Tamil Nadu

Ans: Anshu Malik

Ans: Organocatalysis

Ans: Falkland Islands

Ans: 21

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 17 December 2021

Ans: Prana

Ans: West Bengal

Ans: Sashastra Seema Bal

Ans: Capricorn

Ans: Argentina

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 16 December 2021

Ans: Ramon Magsaysay Award

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: Denmark

Ans: Chris Pine

Ans: Ming Dynasty

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 15 December 2021

Ans: Max Verstappen

Ans: Ladakh

Ans: Tunisia

Ans: 1997

Ans: The Hobbit

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 December 2021

Ans: Avocados

Ans: Ladakh

Ans: Smriti Mandhana

Ans: Concorde

Ans: Wimbledon, 1967

Amazon Quiz 13 December 2021 Answers

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

Ans: Indra Nooyi

Ans: North Korea

Ans: Courage

Ans: Uruguay

Amazon Quiz 12 December 2021 Answers

Ans: Rajasthan

Ans: Moon

Ans: Vanuatu

Ans: Minute hands

Ans: British Royal Family

Amazon Quiz 11 December 2021 Answers

Ans: BH

Ans: Daniel Ricciardo

Ans: Nurse

Ans: Challenger and Columbia

Ans: Hedy Lamarr

Amazon Quiz 10 December 2021 Answers

Ans: Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak Shah

Ans: Slovenia

Ans: Cadbury

Ans: Uranus

Ans: Lucknow

Amazon Quiz 9 December 2021 Answers

Ans: Aryan Khan

Ans: Hyderabad

Ans: 5

Ans: Abu Dhabi

Ans: Hercules

Amazon Quiz 14 September 2021 Answers

Ans: Sailing

Ans: Nita Ambani

Ans: Rice

Ans: Beetle

Ans: India

Amazon Quiz 13 September 2021 Answers

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

Ans: High Jump

Ans: Pegasus

Ans: Long-haired

Ans: Nobel Prize

Amazon Quiz 12 September 2021 Answers

Ans: FamPay

Ans: Skateboarding

Ans: Naomi Osaka

Ans: Orang-utan

Ans: Batik

Amazon Quiz 11 September 2021 Answers

Ans: Weightlifting

Ans: Mann Kaur

Ans: Wally Funk

Ans: Cheetah

Ans: Galileo Galilei

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Ans: Telangana

Ans: Russia

Ans: Table tennis

Ans: West

Ans: Bharat Ratna

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Ans: Meghalaya

Ans: Julian Assange

Ans: Lebanon

Ans: Sun

Ans: Hot air balloons

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Ans: Amsterdam

Ans: Together

Ans: Raider

Ans: Happiest

Ans: 3000 Euros

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Ans: Mekong–Ganga Cooperation

Ans: Baseball

Ans: David Geffen

Ans: France

Ans: 12

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Ans: Andhra Pradesh

Ans: Miraitowa

Ans: The Mandalorian

Ans: Indonesia

Ans: Siren

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Ans: Odisha

Ans: Indian Institute of Heritage

Ans: Bhutan

Ans: Saros cycle

Ans: Zeal

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Ans: UAE

Ans: Peru

Ans: Cuba

Ans: Waning Crescent

Ans: Medusa

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Ans: Syria

Ans: Jupiter

Ans: Bangladesh

Ans: Lepidoptera

Ans: 102

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Ans: Russia

Ans: Telangana

Ans: Nepal

Ans: Dog

Ans: Singapore

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Ans: Space

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

Ans: PV Sindhu

Ans: Pheomelanin

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Ans: Japan

Ans: Vikas

Ans: Ministry Of Agriculture

Ans: The Walt Disney Company

Ans: Petronas Towers

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Ans: Tajikistan

Ans: National Institute Of Design

Ans: Saturn

Ans: Arjun Atwal

Ans: Stockholm

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Ans: Gandhinagar

Ans: Twitter

Ans: Israel

Ans: India

Ans: Galapagos Penguin

Amazon Quiz 28 August 2021 Answers

Ans: RSS First Step

Ans: Coca Cola

Ans: Argentina

Ans: David Dobrik

Ans: Monarch

Amazon Quiz 27 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Bolero

Ans: Southern Ocean

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Ans: Nintendo

Ans: Madrid

Amazon Quiz 26 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ans: Foo Fighters

Ans: Australia

Ans: Stanford University

Ans: La Dame De Fer

Amazon Quiz 25 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Martin Garrix

Ans: Bitcoin

Ans: Roger Federer

Ans: Wright Brothers

Ans: Pollination

Amazon Quiz 24 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Richard Branson

Ans: Tokyo

Ans: Italy

Ans: Mauna Loa

Ans: Monaco

Amazon Quiz 23 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Trevor Noah

Ans: China

Ans: Volleyball

Ans: Coral Polyps

Ans: LGBTQ Pride

Amazon Quiz 22 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Ashwini Vaishnav

Ans: Murraya

Ans: Iran

Ans: Michael Jordan


Amazon Quiz 21 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Dilip Kumar

Ans: Skoda

Ans: 20

Ans: Lucknow

Ans: Amoghasiddhi

Amazon Quiz 20 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Bajrang Punia

Ans: Michael Collins

Ans: Ariana Grande

Ans: Qutb Shahi

Ans: Avocado

Amazon Quiz 19 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Odisha

Ans: Verizon

Ans: Snooker

Ans: Kingda Ka

Ans: Bengal Cat

Amazon Quiz 18 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Bihar

Ans: Ministry Of Finance

Ans: Dream Chaser

Ans: Agra

Ans: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Amazon Quiz 17 August 2021 Answers


Ans: Haiti

Ans: Tom Cruise

Ans: Vinyls

Ans: Day Of The Dead

Amazon Quiz 16 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Lucknow

Ans: Malaysia

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

Ans: Heterochromia

Ans: Chinese

Amazon Quiz 15 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Indrajaal

Ans: Amit Shah

Ans: Golf

Ans: Harp

Ans: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Amazon Quiz 14 August 2021 Answers

Ans: High Jump

Ans: Bangladesh

Ans: Chess

Ans: Kathakali

Ans: Los Angeles

Amazon Quiz 13 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Gujarat

Ans: Dilip Kumar

Ans: Myopia

Ans: Tennis

Ans: Mammalia

Amazon Quiz 12 August 2021 Answers

Ans: The Weeknd

Ans: IMF

Ans: Zambia

Ans: 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

Ans: Germany

Amazon Quiz 11 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Queen Elizabeth

Ans: Darnella Frazier

Ans: Led Zeppelin

Ans: Red Baron

Ans: Spain

Amazon Quiz 10 August 2021 Answers

Ans: North Macedonia

Ans: F1

Ans: Russia

Ans: Timothy Cook

Ans: 24

Amazon Quiz 9 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ans: Sweden

Ans: Rhinoceros

Ans: Thirty

Ans: Canada

Amazon Quiz 8 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Apple Daily

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Geneva

Ans: Abbey Road

Ans: Toucan

Amazon Quiz 7 August 2021 Answers

Ans: World Wide Web

Ans: Iran

Ans: Lothal

Ans: Sphinx

Ans: DVDs

Amazon Quiz 6 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Pakistan

Ans: Cruella de Vil

Ans: Antarctica

Ans: Ottoman Empire

Ans: Mongoose

Amazon Quiz 5 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Megha Rajagopalan

Ans: Gulf Of Aden

Ans: Wooden Satellite

Ans: World War I

Ans: 88

Amazon Quiz 4 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Shooting

Ans: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Ans: Mighty Dragon

Ans: Stanley Cup

Ans: Louvre

Amazon Quiz 3 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Broadband Connection

Ans: Maana Patel

Ans: Uttarakhand

Ans: Dhanurasana

Ans: USA

Amazon Quiz 2 August 2021 Answers

Ans: Archery

Ans: China

Ans: Cambodia

Ans: France

Ans: Finding Nemo

Amazon Quiz 1 August 2021 Answers

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: P Sainath

Ans: Afghanistan

Ans: Sundial

Ans: Danish Pastry

Amazon Quiz 31 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Facebook

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

Ans: Taj Hotels

Ans: Baseball

Ans: Husky

Amazon Quiz 30 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Mohit Chauhan


Ans: Amazon

Ans: The United Nations

Ans: Gaggle

Amazon Quiz 29 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Prime

Ans: Wl Salvador

Ans: June 23

Ans: Germany

Ans: Origami

Amazon Quiz 28 July 2021 Answers

Ans: INS Vikrant

Ans: China

Ans: Watermelon

Ans: Ganga

Ans: Hummingbird

Amazon Quiz 27 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Israel

Ans: Alan Shepard

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Ans: Drone

Ans: Stan Lee

Amazon Quiz 26 July 2021 Answers

Ans: The Lady Of The Stars

Ans: Bihar

Ans: Denmark

Ans: Beagle

Ans: Dunk

Amazon Quiz 25 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Jammu And Kashmir

Ans: Google

Ans: China

Ans: Medicine For Nervous System Disorders

Ans: Bilbao

Amazon Quiz 24 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Bay Of Bengal

Ans: Jodie Foster

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Phalguna

Ans: Chordophone

Amazon Quiz 23 July 2021 Answers

Ans: PakVac

Ans: El Salvador

Ans: Venus

Ans: Elisha Otis

Ans: Palestine

Amazon Quiz 22 July 2021 Answers

Answer: China

Ans: Gujarat

Ans: Czech Republic

Ans: Wind To Electrical

Ans: Jon Favreau

Amazon Quiz 21 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Patrol Vessel

Ans: Indonesia

Ans: Maldives

Ans: Masonry

Ans: Katana

Amazon Quiz 20 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Corbevax

Ans: Australia


Ans: South Africa

Ans: Deepika Kumari

Amazon Quiz 19 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Koneru Humpy

Ans: Uttarakhand

Ans: JP Morgan

Ans: Netherlands

Ans: Berry

Amazon Quiz 18 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Forest Officers


Ans: North Pole

Ans: Spa

Ans: Chakrasana

Amazon Quiz 17 July 2021 Answers


Ans: Tripura

Ans: Crypto Art

Ans: Palette

Ans: Val Kilmer

Amazon Quiz 16 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Ans: Madagascar

Ans: Fukushima

Ans: Cornell

Ans: Stormbreaker

Amazon Quiz 15 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Bandhavgarh National Park

Ans: Sri Lanka

Ans: Shikhar Dhawan

Ans: Scotland

Ans: Mars and Murrie

Amazon Quiz 14 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Mount Kilimanjaro

Ans: Assam

Ans: Most expensive bottle of water in the world

Ans: Pixar

Ans: Colt

Amazon Quiz 13 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Myanmar

Ans: Nainital

Ans: Shafali Verma

Ans: Artichoke

Ans: Sneakerhead

Amazon Quiz 12 July 2021 Answers

Ans: 75 years of India’s Independence

Ans: Mexico

Ans: Pune

Ans: Both of the above

Ans: Eucalyptus leaves

Amazon Quiz 11 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Muzaffarpur

Ans: Virgin Galactic

Ans: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ans: Tour De France

Ans: Wisdom

Amazon Quiz 10 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Flower Moon

Ans: Phil Mickelson

Ans: Rosalind Franklin

Ans: Mead

Ans: Pyramid Inch

Amazon Quiz 9 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Mizoram

Ans: Hybrid rice

Ans: USA

Ans: Bobcat

Ans: Steam

Amazon Quiz 8 July 2021 Answers

Ans: INS Rajpiut

Ans: Jane Goodall

Ans: Ana

Ans: Michaelangelo

Ans: Chaturanga

Amazon Quiz 7 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Jyotiba Phule

Ans: Jasmine Flower

Ans: Punjab

Ans: International Space Station

Ans: World War II

Amazon Quiz 6 July 2021 Answers


Ans: Jupiter

Ans: Boxing

Ans: Gladiators

Ans: Snowy

Amazon Quiz 5 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Tuber Man

Ans: Icebergs

Ans: Fencing

Ans: The Witcher

Ans: Alice In Wonderland

Amazon Quiz 4 July 2021 Answers

Ans: South Pole Of The Moon

Ans: Coviself

Ans: Sanjana Ganesan

Ans: Tennis

Ans: Submechanophobia

Amazon Quiz 3 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Ship

Ans: Meghan Markle

Ans: China

Ans: Neptune

Ans: Barcelona

Amazon Quiz 2 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Hyderabad

Ans: PV Sindhu

Ans: The Unicorn

Ans: Topiary

Ans: Jolly Roger

Amazon Quiz 1 July 2021 Answers

Ans: Jungle Cry

Ans: Sikkim

Ans: Guillermo Cano

Ans: Zebras

Ans: Janus

Amazon Quiz 30 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Assam

Ans: Lebanon

Ans: UK

Ans: Gold

Ans: Nuclear

Amazon Quiz 29 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Shooter Dadi

Ans: Mining Robot

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

Ans: Steak

Ans: Zero

Amazon Quiz 28 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Uttarakhand

Ans: Boeing

Ans: Sri Lanka

Ans: Fletching

Ans: Pompeii

Amazon Quiz 27 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

Ans: Lewis Hamilton

Ans: Satyajit Ray

Ans: Hamlet

Ans: White

Amazon Quiz 26 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Hima Das

Ans: Assam

Ans: World’s Largest Plane

Ans: Parsley

Ans: No 19

Amazon Quiz 25 June 2021 Answers

Ans: 3D-Printed House


Ans: Saudi Arabia

Ans: Ratatouille

Ans: Cassius Clay

Amazon Quiz 24 June 2021 Answers

Ans: WHO

Ans: Laos

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Second Person To Walk On The Moon

Ans: Chernobyl

Amazon Quiz 23 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Bhutan


Ans: David Beckham

Ans: He Never Received The Nobel Peace Prize

Ans: Frank Gehry

Amazon Quiz 22 June 2021 Answers

Ans: ILO

Ans: Jhumpa Lahiri

Ans: UK Met Office

Ans: Kuwait

Ans: Walt Disney

Amazon Quiz 21 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Gujarat High Court

Ans: Maruti Udyog Limited

Ans: Mizoram

Ans: Israel

Ans: A Brief History of Time

Amazon Quiz 20 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Ravindra Jadeja

Ans: Pokhran tests

Ans: Gujarat

Ans: Neil Armstrong

Ans: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Amazon Quiz 19 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Amitav Ghosh

Ans: Malaria-Free

Ans: Australia

Ans: Matrix

Ans: 1989

Amazon Quiz 18 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Kerala

Ans: USA

Ans: Rafael Nadal

Ans: Ratatouille

Ans: Bikini Atoll

Amazon Quiz 17 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Chipko Movement

Ans: Krunal Pandya

Ans: Greyhound

Ans: Cappadocia

Ans: Beetle

Amazon Quiz 16 June 2021 Answers


Ans: Manchester City

Ans: Anthony Hopkins

Ans: Tuaregs

Ans: Floppy Disk

Amazon Quiz 15 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Italian Open

Ans: Australia

Ans: Wings of Fire

Ans: Holy Grail

Ans: Stay cool

Amazon Quiz 14 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Dr. Reddy’s

Ans: Darwin’s Arch

Ans: Manchester United

Ans: South Korea

Ans: William Tell

Amazon Quiz 13 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Inkdeath

Ans: A cyclone

Ans: Banksy

Ans: Madagascar

Ans: Burning Man

Amazon Quiz 12 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Andrea Meza

Ans: China

Ans: Fearless

Ans: Tango

Ans: Kimbap

Amazon Quiz 11 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Rajiv Gandhi

Ans: Hyundai

Ans: KKR

Ans: Easter

Ans: El Dorado

Amazon Quiz 10 June 2021 Answers

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Ariana Grande

Ans: Diamonds

Ans: Shang-Chi

Ans: Krispy Kreme

Amazon Quiz 9 June 2021 Answers

Ans: South Africa

Ans: Languages

Ans: Nifty50

Ans: Ryan Reynolds

Ans: Hercules

Amazon Quiz 8 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Amnesty International

Ans: Nelson Mandela

Ans: Amazon

Ans: Something that rolls up

Ans: Prometheus

Amazon Quiz 7 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Indian Navy

Ans: Britcoin

Ans: PDF

Ans: Largest Country By Area

Ans: Otter

Amazon Quiz 6 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Annapurna

Ans: Iran

Ans: Microsoft

Ans: The longest river

Ans: Okapi

Amazon Quiz 5 June 2021 Answers

Ans: World Heritage day

Ans: Russia

Ans: Indian banking reforms

Ans: Everest Base Camp

Ans: Whale Shark

Amazon Quiz 4 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Hypoxia

Ans: Cuba


Ans: It is the coldest planet

Ans: Tallest grass

Amazon Quiz 3 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Ministry of Earth Sciences

Ans: The Christmas Pig

Ans: Greece

Ans: Hagia Sophia

Ans: Hottest

Amazon Quiz 2 June 2021 Answers


Ans: Greece

Ans: Ship captain

Ans: Nicholas Hammond

Ans: Deepest freshwater lake

Amazon Quiz 1 June 2021 Answers

Ans: Suresh Raina

Ans: New Zealand

Ans: Afghanistan

Ans: Porsche

Ans: Shitake

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  • Answer the Questions: Now answer the Amazon Daily Quiz questions correctly that we have provided. After that, you’ll be selected for the lucky draw.

Why QuizYorker Is Best For Amazon Quiz Answers?

There is no doubt that Amazon Daily Quiz holds some of the biggest prizes but those prices are not at all easy to get. Amazon daily quiz consists of 5 questions that are pretty difficult to answer correctly and this is where QuizYorker plays its important role. We at QuizYorker, are devoted to serving you the answers to all Amazon Daily Quiz Questions as fast as possible. We have decided to maintain one single article for the Amazon Daily Quiz Answers so that you don’t have to find each answer for each question individually.

In fact, I would recommend you to bookmark this specific page and come to this page every time you want to play the latest Amazon Daily Quiz. You will surely get the answers to all the Amazon Daily Quiz Questions as soon as the new Amazon Quiz gets live every day at 12AM.

What Is Amazon FunZone?

Amazon fun zone is the dedicated section for all the Daily and special quizzes along with games hosted by amazon. Along with hosting the Amazon Quizzes, Funzone also consists of the Lucky Draw Winner list where you’ll find the names of the recently won amazon customers and quiz players. Funzone quizzes consist of a variety of prizes like Smart tv, smartphone, AC, washing machine, Amazon Pay Balance, etc.

What Is Amazon Daily Quiz?

You know Amazon.com as an E-Commerce which is absolutely correct. Amazon has millions of worldwide customers who shop on the Amazon App on a daily basis and purchase products online without any problem. But Amazon has tons of other services as well.

Talking specifically, about shopping, there is no doubt the products available on the app are already available at a discounted price. But what if I tell you that Amazon also provides free gifts and money in Amazon Pay to its customers.

Yes, it’s true. I am talking about Amazon Daily Quiz. Amazon organizes daily quiz which can be played by all the Amazon customers in its Funzone sections. This Amazon Daily Quiz consists of different types of winning prizes like Amazon Pat rewards of real money, smartphones, ACs, Smart TVs, etc.

If you have landed here during searching for Amazon Daily Quiz Answers then I am really glad to say that you’re at an absolutely correct place. QuizYorker is a dedicated website for Daily Quiz Answers and this specific post is dedicated to the Amazon Today Quiz Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Find Amazon Daily Quiz Answers?

The best way to get the correct answers for all the Amazon Daily Quiz Questions to visit the QuizYorker. We, at QuizYorker.com, are completely devoted to serve you the best possible experience by delivering the daily correct answers for the Amazon Quiz as fast as possible. I would even suggest and request you to bookmark this particular page so that you don’t need to search for answers on a daily basis.

This will not just keep you away from all kinds of inconvenience but you will also get the answers very quickly. You can also join our telegram channel to stay updated with the latest Daily and other Amazon and Flipkart Quiz Answers. It will not just provide the answers but also notify you whenever a new Amazon or Flipkart Quiz gets live.


Is Amazon Quiz real?

Absolutely yes. The Amazon daily Quiz and all the rest of the Amazon Quizzes are completely real and legitimate. If you’re having doubt about the Amazon Daily Quiz to be real you can see the winner’s list of the Amazon quiz which amazon updated every day. Also, the winners have posted the proof of getting the won price for real on places like Twitter. Here are some of the proofs.

Does Anyone Really Win Amazon Quiz?

Yes, there are many winners who have won the prices and Amazon Pay Rewards from the Daily and other Amazon Quizzes. For transparency, the also shows and regularly updates its list of winners. The proof of the fact that winners actually win the quiz prices and gets them delivered to their doorsteps has been share above where the amazon customers have posted their experience.

Does Amazon Really Give Prizes?

Yes, Amazon delivers the won prices to the winner customer free of cost and never asks for any kind of delivery charge or processing fee. Hence, please keep in mind and beware of fraud calls asking for any kind of money or OTP.


How To Win Amazon Daily Quiz?

Winning the Daily amazon quiz or any other Amazon Quiz mostly depends upon luck. There is no full-proof plan or trick to win the Amazon quiz. All you can do is correctly answer the asked questions and get eligible for the lucky draw. A selected number of players who have answered the questions correctly are selected via lucky draw which is completely random in selection.

Is There Any Trick To Win Amazon Quiz?

No, there is no such trick by which you can win the Amazon Quiz. The winners of the quiz are selected randomly by computer and there is no way to manipulate the quiz in any manner. All you can do is just answer the questions of the amazon quiz correctly and get eligible for the lucky draw.

How Do I Participate In Amazon Daily Quiz?

Participating in the Amazon Daily Quiz or any other Amazon Quiz is extremely easy. All you need to have is the Amazon app installed on your phone. Login to your amazon account and go to the fun zone section of the app. There you’ll find all the ongoing Amazon quizzes.


Can We Win Prizes On Amazon?

Absolutely yes, you can win free prizes and money in your Amazon Pay without any doubt. Amazon hosts a lot of quizzes on its Amazon app. By playing those quizzes you can easily win free prizes which will be delivered to you by amazon itself.

Is Amazon Quiz Available On Amazon website?

No, amazon does not host any of the quizzes on its mobile or computer website. The only place where you can find and play the amazon quiz is the Amazon app. Go to the Funzone section and play the quizzes.

Amazon Quiz Kaise khele?

Amazon Quiz ko khelne k lie aapko sabse pahale apne smartphone m Amazon app ko download krke install krna hoga. Uske baad aap apne amazon account m login kare apni registered email-id/phone number or password se. Ab aapko apne screen par uppar bahine taraf options ka button milega (3 paralle lines), uspe jaaye, programs and features par touch kare aur phir funzone m chale jaye. Yaha aapko Amzaon pr chal rahi sabhi quiz mil jaayegi jinhe ki aap khel skte h.


What Is Amazon Spin & Win?

Amazon Spin & Win is one of the famous Amazon Quizzes. Amazon brings these quizzes frequently per week and this quiz is pretty simple to play. You will be greeted with a wheel which you’ll have to spin and whatever you get as per on the wheel can be claimed by answering one question. It is also a lucky draw quiz where the winners with correct answers are randomly chosen.

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